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Ray & Barney

Pfaff Training Videos

Designs & More is excited to offer training videos for the PFAFF 3D & 4D Software packages. Working on both the training videos and this new website, plus traveling to training sessions across the U. S., has been a chore, but we are finally getting it all together. As things get more organized, we will be offering new training videos on a regular basis. If you have suggestions for new training videos, please contact me and your suggestions will be taken seriously.

Ever wished that you could look over the shoulder of someone working with the software you are trying to learn? Now you can with the PFAFF Training Video Series. In these videos, you are watching how to use the tools and commands of the software and listening to what is being done and WHY.

See Home Page For Ordering Instructions

3D Embroidery Artist & Suite Training Videos Now Available.

An Introduction To 3D Embroidery Artist & 3D File Assistant.

In the Introduction to 3D Embroidery Artist & 3D File Assistant video you will see how the PFAFF 3D Embroidery Artist software can be used to create unlimited designs. You will also see how to use the PFAFF 3D File Assistant to move files to and from you machine and to assure proper communication between your computer and machine. You will also get a glimpse into how the eye and mind work together to translate what you see, and what you think you see, into your embroidery designs. This video contains over 4 1/2 hours of video instruction plus a bonus CD with designs and help files.

3D Embroidery Artist & 3D File Assistant Training Video - $75.00 (plus shipping & handling)


Digitizing Redwork

Offered For The Pfaff 3D Suite Software

In this mini-lesson video, you will learn the Bean Stitch (Triple Stitch) - Running Stitch method of digitizing. This technique is very useful when digitizing designs such as Redwork, Quilting Stitches, and even Signatures. Redwork is a popular design style. By using the techniques taught in this video you will be able to create beautiful Redwork designs with a minimum of jump stitches. This video contains two complete lessons - The Apple and The Goose. This video package contains 2 CDs - Disk #1 has over 1 hour of video instruction. Disk #2 has the two graphics used in the video lessons for you to practice your own digitizing techniques and the two digitized designs done in the video in VP3 format.

Digitizing Redwork Training Video - $30.00 (plus shipping & handling)


PFAFF Digitizing Projects #1 - The Napkin Ring

Offered For The Pfaff 3D Suite Software

This is the first series in the PFAFF Digitizing Projects. There will be four lessons in this first series - The Napkin Ring, The Napkin, Coasters, and the Place Mat. This video lesson contains two CDs. Disk #1 has over 40 minutes of video instruction for the first lesson - The Napkin Ring. Disk #2 has the graphic used in the video lesson (in two formats) for you to practice your own digitizing techniques, the written instructions and the digitized design done in the video in VP3 format.

Those that purchase this first lesson will get a substantial price reduction on the future 3 lessons in this series.

PFAFF Digitizing Projects - Series #1 - Lesson #1 The Napkin Ring - $30.00 (plus shipping & handling)


4D Embroidery Extra Training Video Now Available

Introduction To 4D Embroidery Extra

In this video you will see how to use 4D Embroidery Extra and the tools that are included in it. Some of the video titles are:
The Menu Bar
The Tool Bar
The Design Page
The Letter Page
The Shapes Page
The Edit Page
The ExpressDesign Wizard
Putting It All Together.

Plus, there is video instruction on 4D Organizer and 4D Vision.

Learn to use your software the way it is meant to be used - to create embroidery that you need for your own projects.

4D Embroidery Extra = $60.00 (plus shipping & handling)




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